Nintendo DSi XL arriving: just a larger screen or something more (like a Classic Books App)?

Nintendo confirmed last November about a big display Nintendo DSi XL handheld console and now it’s going to be available next month.
Bearing a 4.2-inch screen that is 93 percent bigger in comparison to the original DSi, Nintendo will bring Nintendo DSi XL on March 28 in North America. Business Week reported that Nintendo will also push the ebook reader for the handheld console. Just like Sony gifted Comic Store to PlayStation Portable, Nintendo will bring a book store for DS owners.

With books for Nintendo DSi XL, the company in a way will compete with several existing players like Amazon (Kindle DX), Sony (Reader and PSP), Apple iPad Tablet, Barnes & Noble (Nook), Notion Ink (Adam) and so on. A downloadable package dubbed ‘ 100 Classic books’ is the App that is being talked about and will be released through Wii channels on June 14 for $20 (Rs. 960 approx.). We still have to wait for the list of books and novels included in these 100 Classic collection.

On the other end, Apple iPad Tablet is due to arrive by next month which too acts as eBook reader. And with 4.2-inch screen even DSi XL can serve as a good ebook reader just like many use iPhone albeit not for prolonged hours. If more ebooks are made available for DSi XL, then it may attract the casual gamers, who can also use it for reading some good titles. Apart from that, DSi XL will also have Opera mobile browser for surfing the web.

Similar handheld devices capable of more than the basic function like gaming make the choice wee bit difficult for consumers. Sony offers Comics on the PSPgo and now DSi XL will bring ebook reading capability. Are we heading for an eBooks vs digital comics clash in the near future? May be. But before that, let’s wait for the Nintendo DSi XL handheld console to arrive.

The new Nintendo DSi XL is priced at US $189.99 and available for pre-order now!

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